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JW Stephens

About me

Good design is iterative, ethical, and collaborative through a partnership with clients and stakeholders; I understand their vision and bring user perspectives to build unique experiences. I put people at the heart of my process. I work to understand them and their motivations to serve their needs best.

Like many in my field, I came to UX and design on an indirect path, which helps me bring different experiences and perspectives to my work. More importantly, it helps me appreciate the vast diversity in viewpoints and life experiences that can benefit and affect my work.

After finishing my Bachelor's degree in Fine Art, I moved abroad and began to see the world. I taught English as a Second Language in Italy, where I spent time getting to know the people and culture (and even a little bit of the language!)

After a couple of years in Italy, I moved to the beautiful Bavarian city of Munich to help businesses in Germany communicate in English. Some of my highlights were;

  • Touring the BMW production line after training a group of students to describe their work in English.
  • Teaching an Executive to have the same confidence speaking English as in German.
  • Seeing a student accept a well-paying job abroad due to improved communication skills.
Cup of herbal tea in a KeepCup reusable travel cup.


I am attempting to reduce my environmental impact and believe in treading lightly on the planet. I try to reduce my consumption and find inventive ways of re-using and re-purposing things. As part of my digital product design, I like to experiment with tech solutions to environmental issues and interrogate the sustainability of my designs.

Set of over the ear headphones.


It's important to listen well, with an open heart and the desire to understand. It builds stronger relationships and allows others to impart their knowledge to you. You can find me sipping tea wearing a large pair of headphones while listening to all sorts of audio content or chatting with someone who has the wisdom to share.

My backpack that has travelled to many countries with me.


New places breed new ideas and understanding. I love to explore new places and meet new challenges. Since graduation, I have visited 38 new countries. My grandmother tells me that I don't let the grass grow under my feet.

Up Next

I am happy to chat with anybody excited about UX, Service Design, and the design and development of sustainable products and services.

If you are working on projects that create positive social change, give me a shout. Let's use design as a force for good!